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Hello, I just recently purchased VDL 2.5 for my dell laptop computer and was quite curious to see if I could possibly use an older version of Finale (2009 or 2008) to pair up with VDL or would I have to purchase a fairly recent or relative version in order to use VDL. Finale 2014 is immensely expensive and I found several older versions that are cost efficient but I did not want to purchase anything until I could clarify whether this could work or not. Please help. Thank you!
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Things to consider...

Is the version of Finale you're considering compatible with the OS on your computer?

Finale 2008/09 are old versions. Much has changed since those versions were released. If you are considering working with some using any version from 2010 or later, there will be significant percussion differences.

Your version of VDL is the most current, correct? VDL 2.5.5?

Any templates from either the Tapspace site or The Write Score, which were created for those versions of Finale, will not have been updated for the most current version of VDL.

When you're ready to upgrade from those older versions of Finale, you will need to purchase the full version at that time.

Finale/MakeMusic does not sell older versions, only the most current. If you purchase an older version you are either getting some one else's registered version or obtaining a cracked version. If what you purchase is from a registered user, they would need to transfer the registration and serial number to you so that you could possibly be eligible for a future upgrade. That is something only customer support at Finale can answer.

My advice is to get the most recent version of Finale and templates from The Write Score. The templates will save you hundreds of hours of mapping and formatting Finale to function at it's best with all that VDL has to offer.
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