Sounds stop playing back

I searched the forum for an answer to this, but couldn't find one.

I'm running:
Sibelius 7.1.3
VDL 2.5
OS Mavericks

For a couple of years, I've used this configuration with no problems.  When I upgraded to Mavericks a couple of months ago, there were no problems.  Just recently, I started getting an error message that Kontakt was running out of memory and as a result I started losing sounds.  I figured that I needed to add another instance of Kontakt to the playback settings, but since I was still using Kontakt Player 2 and I had heard that Kontakt Player 5 was now compatible, I downloaded Kontakt 5.  After setting up the typical playback settings, and a little bit of frustration getting that to work (its been a long time since I first set up VDL on this machine), the sounds all play back just fine.  The problem is, about 20 minutes into working in a file all VDL sounds stop playing back entirely.  Highlighting notes plays no sound, nor does using the playback feature.  I go to playback settings, and nothing has changed.  If I quit Sibelius and start back up, everything works just fine.  20 minutes later, the sounds stop playing back again.

Anyone have any potential fixes?  Do I need to go back to Kontakt 2?
I currently have 3 instances of Kontakt open, with 16 in each of the first two, and a few overflow instruments into the 3rd.  I was running with two instances of Kontakt as was recommended when I first set up VDL with Sibelius a couple of years ago.

I've tried the DFD settings at both ends with no change in results.  Kontakt's website doesn't explain very well what the difference is.  I have 16 gigs of ram, so that part shouldn't be a problem.  I would assume that Mavericks runs in 64 bit, but if I remember correctly Kontakt 2 is 32 bit only.
How many instruments do you have loaded into each instance of K2? Also, in Kontakt 2, if you go to Options > DFD, what is the slider set to?
Ok.  For now I'm going back to Kontakt 2.  Any insight on how to stop getting the error message ";memory is getting low";?  I've added more instances of Kontakt, I've purged and reloaded samples, I've adjusted my DFD settings.  Its pretty frustrating since everything was working fine just a week ago, and I have indoor writing to wrap up and fall writing to start.
Unfortunately there have been a number of reports of issues between Kontakt 5 and Mavericks. Have you been in touch with Native Instruments support regarding this?
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