New forum issues

Since Tapspace made the change to the latest forum a few weeks ago, the text box when posting is wonky. Text does not wrap to the next line when typing, which makes things very awkward. As I'm typing this the frame is scrolling to the left, keeping the most recent words in view, but I can't see everything I've typed, there is no scroll bar, and editing becomes extremely awkward. I am using Firefox 28.0.

Also, it is very hard to discern at a glance which forums contain new posts and which do not. The two versions of grey circle are very similar.
Thanks for the feedback. I am typing this reply in Firefox 28 for Mac. Initially, I saw the same results you did in terms of the non-wrapping text. However, I noticed that there was a little ";security"; icon at the far left of the URL field in this browser. When I clicked it, it informed me that Firefox had blocked some aspects of this forum site. After I OK'd that, the text box behaves as normal, although there are some suspicious looking visual anomalies in the toolbar area just above.

We'll keep trying to dial things in. I'm not sure how much control we have over the look of the ";new post"; icons, but I agree with you���they're hard to spot currently.
I think that if you can get all the asset URLs to start with ";https"; instead of ";http";, you'll be good to go.
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