Suggested Sibelius Plugins plus Plugin Installation Problems Mac

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What are some of your suggested, or ";go-to"; plug-ins with Sibelius 7 and VDL 2.5.5?  I'm just starting to write a lot more and am interested in what everyone else uses.

Also, I have downloaded a few plug-ins but am unable to locate the folder to install them.  I follow the Sibelius instructions for Mac installation but I can't seem to find anything through finder.  Any info about that from anyone?  You can find my computer specs below in my signature.

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I'm not aware of any plugins specifically related to using VDL with Sib 7, but if you haven't already, be sure and pick up a VDL/Sib7 template from The Write Score ([url=][/url]). They are very well put together and have excellent documentation. Well worth the money!

As far as how to install the plugins you are referring to, that's definitely a question for Sibelius. I can tell you that in newer versions of the Mac OS, you need to hold down the Option key while clicking the ";Go"; menu in order to see your home directory Library folder.

Hope this helps!
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