Sounds working, notation not....

Ran into this before, only this time I'm REALLY scratching my head.  Using Finale '12 and the Write Score templates.  Notes are playing, but nothing is notating correctly.  Score manager seems to be like normal.  I haven't moved anything file wise but the last time I used Finale, this worked fine.  Now on a new score that I'm using combined with a (Merge) of an old one that was working, now nothing.  I tried a brand new score too with the same results.  I posted a short video here which should clear it up.

I posted this on the other forum (WS) so I'll see which one gets replied to first and delete the other.


Thanks for the video as it showed me exactly where your problem is located. In Score Manager>Notation>Percussion>Settings the percussion layouts for VDL are not visible. You mentioned merging scores. My guess is that when you did this, Finale created a new file that did not contain those percussion layouts. To verify, check Expressions. Do you see any VDL categories? If not, then that is the problem. This new file does not contain the VDL Percussion Library.

You have two options to resolve the problem. The first would be to load the VDL Percussion Library. If I remember correctly File Menu>Load Library> then select the VDL Percussion Library. This will load all of the percussion layouts and text expressions. Drawbacks to this are that you'll still see the default Finale percussion layouts, there will not be any VDL Expression categories, the expressions are there just not listed as they appear in one of the template files, and you may see multiple standard expression categories.

Your second option is to open one of the VDL Template files, modify it to conform with the new file you wish to work in. This means setting the exact number of measures, time/key signature changes, etc then copy/paste the old music into this new file.

Let us know if you have any further questions or problems. Also, once the problem is resolved, follow up on your TWS forum post rather than deleting it.
Ted, you rock. thanks!  That totally worked.  The merge must've killed it.  I opened a earlier template of a basic VDL2.5 battery score, and as soon as it opened it said it couldn't find Kontakt.  Thought that was weird.  Then noticed it was looking for Kontakt 4, I have 5 from Komplete9 Ultimate now so was thinking maybe this freaked out my new score. 

Anyway, thank you for getting back to me so quickly too.  Deadlines looming I was freaking out a little!!! I always appreciate knowing how to fix things and that means I appreciate YOU!
Glad to hear things are rolling smooth again. The video was the key to solving the problem.
Ted it was like having you stand next to me!!  Thank goodness for the ease of shooting and uploading video from a little phone.  !!!
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