Vibe pedaling in finale 2012


I have tried to search multiple topics on vibe pedaling but have been unable to achieve the proper playback.  I am using Finale 2012 with Virtual Drumline 2.5 and have selected the (PED) instrument from the virtual drumline instrument selection menu in Kontakt 4.  I have used the midi tool to attempt to set the sustain pedal (program 64) to the value 127 when I would like the instrument to ring and to 0 when I want the ringing to end.  Any help to alleviate this issue would be much appreciated.  I never have any issues with this in Sibelius 6, just when I switch over to Finale. 
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I figured it out, I thought I had turned off human playback which allows the midi information to be utilized during playback.  Upon further analysis however I did not and now the continuous data is being represented during playback!
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