Pure Imagination print anomalies

We have just been alerted to the fact that some copies of the marimba solo Pure Imagination appear to have some font issues that we have accidentally overlooked. If you purchased this solo directly from us in the last couple of months (between the middle of March and today, May 12), you may have received one of these copies.

The anomalies consist of duration dots showing as ™ markings, tremolo markings appearing as æ characters, and a lack of rolled chord symbols. It does not appear that any actual note heads, pitches, accidentals, or any other anomalies are present.

We are currently starting a reprint of this piece. If you have received one of these bad prints and would like a replacement, please snap a picture of your music verifying these anomalies (a good spot to zoom in on is the bottom 2 systems on page 2) and send that along with your shipping address and a proof of purchase to info@tapspace.com. We will see to it that you receive a replacement copy as soon as they are back from the printers.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconveniences these errors may have caused.

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