VDL 2.5.5 & Samplelogic Fanfare

So I ";think"; I've finally gotten Finale 2014 to play nice with VDL, at least at a somewhat functional level. Does anyone out there have any experience running VDL in tandem with Fanfare?

Both libraries require templates (at least for newbies like me), and I've yet to figure out how to run them concurrently.

Is there an efficient way to run two sample libraries at once?

Thank you in advance for any assistance or advice.
I'm not really sure you'd need to use a template for a largely pitched library that focuses on brass, strings, etc. Since those instruments don't require percussion mapping (like a large majority of the VDL stuff), just loading stock brass/woodwind staves from Sibelius might suffice. You might use a separate instance of Kontakt Player with a different sound set, or perhaps even look into using a ";manual sound set"; so you can assign your brass instruments yourself without the auto-load thing. If this works for you, you could probably start from your VDL template, then build your various staves into it.
Just wanted to say a quick thank you! Got off tour a few days back and made the switch from Finale over to Sib 7.5 and the advice here was spot on. Still learning how to do manual sound sets with Fanfare (if only using the tech to write this stuff were as easy as playing it...), but the VDL aspect is working beautifully. Much appreciated, Jim.
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