Looking for a new computer mouse - any recommendations?

Does anyone use a conventional mouse when writing music? I prefer it to a trackpad because it's more ergonomic than using a trackpad for everything.
I'm no gamer, but I've heard of some people using programmable gaming mice for Finale, Sibelius, Pyware, Photoshop, etc... I would imagine that this has quite a bit of potential, but I don't want to drop the money on one if I'm not sure it's going to fit my needs.

I'm not referring to a midi keyboard - I'm talking about a device for all of the other tasks - such as navigating, selecting, applying articulations, selecting tools, drawing lines, etc. I find that a trackpad isn't very efficient when it comes to this stuff, and the precision of a conventional mouse helps me work a bit faster.

So what do you guys use? My current bluetooth mouse is starting to die and I'm in the market for a replacement or upgrade.
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I use a Logitech MX500. It is programmable, but I don't program it specifically for Sibelius. I have a few buttons programmed for general computer usage (like I can press Enter with my mouse) to speed things up.

In general you shouldn't be reaching for your mouse much when creating music in Sibelius, but it is a necessity when formatting parts.
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