Stickings in Finale 2012

Hello VDL community,

I am looking at solving an issue regarding the input of stickings into Finale 2012.  I typically use the lyrics tool for this purpose and have not found a more suitable and efficient way to do this.  After inputting the stickings however, they either disappear, or shift their placement underneath a specific note.  I have updated Finale to its latest build and this did not solve the issue.  I was hoping that this was not an isolated occurrence and that some of you may know how to alleviate the problem so I can quite re-inputting stickings into the score. 


I'm using a MacBook Pro (2009) running Mac OS X 10.7.5
8 GB Ram
Finale 2012
VDL 2.5.5 
I've never had an issue with the Lyric tool behaving the way you describe. Another option, and one I have not used, would be to create a Text Expression of each hand in both lower and upper case. Then add them to your score in that manner.
I'll probably just do that. It's definitely not as fast as using the lyrics tool, but it saves me the utter disbelief and aggravation upon realizing all of my stickings that I entered were a complete waste of time.
Would you post a file here? I'd like to look at it and see if I am able to spot the cause of the problem.
Here's a copy of my current file.
Okay, I've had an opportunity to look at the file and work a bit with the lyric tool. I'm not seeing any problems with lyrics shifting. When you enter stickings with the lyric tool, are you entering them into the score directly or entering them into the lyrics window? Using the window may account for the shifting. I've always entered them directly into the score using the left/right arrows to move from note to note.
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