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Okay, I may not be asking this question correctly so I ask in advance for your patience!

I recently upgraded from Sibelius 6.2 to Sibelius 7.5.  Wow has the interface changed!!  Anyway, I used the Sib VDL 7.0a template from TWS, and setup my playback devices per normal, etc.  But for some reason the playback doesn't accent notes that are accented.  It's weird -- if I have drags on a note it plays correctly, but not accents.

I've never had this problem and so I'm dumbfounded on what setting I need to change to fix this, especially since I don't believe I'm doing anything different than what I have done with countless other scores in Sib 6.2.  Maybe something new on 7.5 I need to do? 

Anyone else encounter this?
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The handling of accents isn't a function of the TWS template as far as I know. I would start with Live Playback settings and go from there. Your Sib documentation would be where to start with this. For instance, have you set Live Velocities to a static number for these measures in question? If so, then that explains the lack of accents.

There are some great tutorials dealing with Live Playback and Velocities in Virtual Drumline Demystified if you're new to the concepts.

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