Marimba Grand Staff?


Is there a way to make a grand staff marimba in Sib7 with VDL 2.5.5? Creating two separate marimba parts and putting them together in brackets doesn't allow me to cross-staff notes, and using the Sib 7 grand marimba setting it plays back as all rolls. Any ideas?

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Creating a second staff for just about any instrument is something very easy to do in Sibelius (Ahem��_documentation). Hit ";I"; for Instrument, select the VDL marimba staff in question and click one of the ";Add extra staff"; buttons.
I use the Grand Marimba and then do a manual instrument change to a VDL marimba instrument.
You could also duplicate the instrument in Edit Instruments, then assign 2 staves to it instead of one.
Thanks everyone. I'm familiar with the technique of adding instruments, however I cannot find a grand staff option for the marimba that allows me to beam notes from the bottom staff to the top staff like you'd see in much marimba material. The way I tried was 1) Creating two separate marimba staves, bracketing them together and making them one part (which I think Hugh mentioned)- but it doesn't allow me to beam across the staves, still, and 2) Creating the sibelius 7 standard grand marimba staff into the rest of my file, but using the VDL sounds. when I do this, the notes all play back as rolls for the one instrument (the Sib 7 grand marimba).

Bill, how would I go about trying that? Thanks for the quick feedback, all!

Murray-I just re-read your response- I've been using Sibelius for years and I've never noticed that!!! That is fantastic to know about, thanks for pointing it out. My problem is solved!


You have to do an instrument change for the top and bottom staff.
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