MIDI map issues?

Hello all,

I'm having trouble getting the virtual drumline MIDI maps to show up in the instrument list window.
The files in the ";MIDI Device Annotation"; folder are:
smart music softsynth
general MIDI
FIN12_VDL255 World Percussion
FIN12_VDL255 Pit Cymbals Drums Go...
FIN12_VDL255 EFX Percussion
FIN12_VDL255 Combos Racks Vocals
FIN12_VDL255 Battery
FIN12_VDL255 Accessory Percussion
Thank you!
That's where they should be, those are the XML files. Is this folder found in both the common and user locations? If not, you'll need to copy them.

Also, when in the Score Manger, are you looking at the PercMIDI Map column? If you don't see this column you  will need to go to Custom View and check PercMIDI Maps. The custom view button is in the lower window of the Score Manager on the right side.
im sorry if this is a dumb question, but on my windows 8 computer what is the common location?
If you read through the Read Me file which came with the templates, follow the same path as described for Windows 7.
to confirm what youre saying, i need to copy those 6 files into the templates folder?
They need to be copied to C:\ProgramData\MakeMusic\Finale2014\MIDI Device Annotation. This is the common folder. It is visible when you select Start > My Computer. Please review the Read Me file which came with your purchase.
they are in the MIDI device annotation folder

Check this location as well C:User\Roaming\MakeMusic\2014. This folder maybe hidden.
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