Notation not showing in Finale 2012

So I've used Finale and VDL for a long time. I have the 2.5.5 update (and have used many times). I am trying to add percussion to a wind score and cannot get the notation to work correctly. I can get the sounds to trigger correctly via midi keyboard, but cannot get the percussion notation to display.

1) I have installed properly and used in the past
2) I have the midi maps set correctly
3) I have assigned percussion layouts

Notes are still displaying as pitches or incorrect notation. Maybe I'm crazy and have missed a step, but I don't think so. The layouts are VDL 2.5 layouts.

I cannot, however, load the VDL255 Library manually. I'm not sure if that is needed info or not.

Please help!
This sounds like a Finale question, so I'm not sure I'll be of much help. If you're unable to find a solution in the Finale documentation you might want to check with MakeMusic support.

I would, however, recommend you use a VDL Finale template from [url=]The Write Score[/url]. Those are designed specifically to help dial in a super tight integration between Finale and VDL and is typically what Finale users using VDL go with.
Thanks, Jim. I'll try their support. I do use the template a lot, but it's a pain to start with the template when the wind arranger does the music first. :)
The fact that the notation is incorrect leads to a problem with the selected percussion layouts in all probability.

If I understand correctly, you are using:

1. Finale 2012 and VDL 2.5.5
2. Which template are you using?
3. Is this the first time you've encountered this problem?
4. Please explain what you mean by 'not able to load the VDL255 Library manually'
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