Playback Issues

I'm having issues with getting multiples of the same instrument to all play through virtual drumlins.  EX: I have 6 vibes, all set to the same Map and only 5 of them play. 

I am running Sib. 6, VDL 2.5, Kontakt 4.2.4, on a macbook running OSX 10.8.5

Please point me in the right direction if possible!

*Bonus Points*

How do I get non-VDL instruments to playback within the same file?
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Your question isn't very clear. Can you be more specific?

This sounds like it's most likely a Sibelius-specific question. As such, I'd highly recommend you use a VDL/Sibelius template from [url=]The Write Score[/url]. Those are designed specifically to help integrate VDL within the Sibelius environment, and their documentation is very thorough. If you're using their template already, I'd recommend you consult their documentation, or get in touch with them via their forums.

Lastly, be sure to familiarize yourself with Sibelius playback configurations and sound sets. This is covered in the Sibelius Reference Guide. If you understand how to load different devices and assign sound sets, it's pretty simple to mix VDL sounds with the built-in Sibelius sounds.
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