Chimes and Crotales frequently (but not always) play back as glock.

Why do the chimes and crotales play back as a glockenspiel sometimes? I have tried copying and pasting into a new score, which sometimes works. I have tried deleting and re inputting the instrument change, which sometimes works. I have two instances of Kontakt 4 going and not nearly enough instruments being used to fill them both to capacity (I think I have 17 total VDL instruments in use).

Sibelius 6
VDL 2.5.5
Kontakt 4
VDL Template 7.0 from the Write Score
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I'd check your mixer settings to be sure all the tracks are accurately set to ";auto."; It may also be worth adding a couple more instances of Kontakt just for redundancy. I'd also check with the folks at [url=]The Write Score[/url], since this is likely a function of something you're doing within your template file. They may have some other ideas.ther ideas.
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