Notation is working, mixer is reading each channel, but there is no sound.


I just sat down to finish a score and I cannot get the playback to work. I have run the gamut of troubleshooting: 1. Yes, I made sure that the volume is raised; 2. I made sure that the Kontakt VDL Soundset is activated; 3. I tried to open other files, but there is no sound in any of them. Again, the notational aspect is working. The mixer shows the individual levels, but there is no sound. I am not sure what else to do.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi Adam,

I assume this question is about a notation program, but you didn't mention which one, whether or not you're using a template from The Write Score, and the [u]specific[/u] steps you've actually gone through to troubleshoot. Keep in mind, this isn't a forum for Sibelius or Finale support - there just happen to be a lot of VDL users who use those programs. Most likely, you have something configured incorrectly in the audio/plugin settings of whatever notation program you're using.

Since we aren't the developers of a notation program, any advice you receive here is pretty unofficial. You may want to check the audio settings on your machine, as well as the audio driver settings within your host program. Consult the documentation or support channels of that product for more information.

If you're using a template from The Write Score, be sure you've carefully followed their instructions as well. More info at
Hey Jim,

I just had a freak incident similar to what tablackstock is talking about.  I opened up my computer to find that my usual Sibelius desktop icon was missing.  I checked in the recycle bin and noticed it was in there for some reason.  I restored it and now playback is not working.  I've attached a screenshot of the mixer.  Basically, all the staves are making sounds, but the master isn't playing back.  I'll keep researching, but I didn't know if this is something you've dealt with in the past. 

Update:  I'm also getting a C++ runtime error (attached screen shot).  I'm not sure if that helps in finding the solution.

Update2:  I also noticed that there are no instruments being loaded into Kontakt 4 (Another Screenshot attached). 

Here are some specs:
Windows 8
Sibelius 7.1.3
Kontakt 4
Virtual Drumline 2.5.5
WriteScore template v.7
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