Entering Notes Finale 2014 | VDL 2.5 |Kontakt Player 2 | Temp 2012a.1

I'm having trouble entering notes into Finale 2014. I have Finale 2014, Kontakt Player 2, VDL 2.5, using the latest template available for Finale which is 2012a.1 Template.

Everything is setup correctly, Im on a MacBook Air. The only ";problem"; I have is finding  way to enter notes. I'm working on an indoor drum line show, I'm transferring everything over to my 2012 VDL Template, trying to anyway... For the drum line (snares), Im trying to entering notes. I have searched and searched how to enter notes efficiently, no luck. I have the midi keyboard that comes with Kontakt, but when i hit a key, nothing happens.. I hear the sound, but the note doesn't show like i think it's supposed to do?

So my questions is, how do you enter notes for instruments, using the midi keyboard provided by Kontakt?


Macbook Air
Finale 2014
VDL 2.5
Kontakt Player 2
That would be more of a technical question for Native Instruments. I'd review their support materials.

You can also use Simple Entry for entering notes. All of the different VDL sounds should appear above the staff. If you use the Caret for entry, then scroll through the sounds.
Not too sure what the Caret is or located? Shouldn't you be able to use the midi keyboard to enter notes? Ex: using the mouse, and hitting RH hits and Left Hits keys (alternating), with the notes appearing on the staff?
The Caret is the cross hairs you might see when entering notes in simple entry. If you go to the Simple Entry menu, then Simple Entry Options, there should be a check box to allow you to use the Caret. With this method, you enter notes and may use the up/down arrows to navigate through the different sounds. I would review the Finale Help Guide for more information in this.

With regards to using the keyboard found in Kontakt, I've never tried using it for note entry. If it's possible, you would need to set this up in Finale so that it recognizes midi input from Kontakt.
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