Working with people who don't use VDL

Hello all,

I have been a Finale user for a while now and have learned a lot about Finale and VDL, but I am running into a consistent problem- on some writing gigs I sometimes work with a person, who either writes the pit or battery book, that doesn't use VDL. Long story short, I end up inputting, note by note, the other, non VDL user's notes into my VDL template Finale file because I want all percussion sounds to be under the VDL sounds. Copy and paste won't work because they turn all yellow and have to manually change all the notes anyway.

My question is, is there a way around  this? If I switch to Sibelius, will this problem be solved? I am already thinking about switching to Sibelius because I have heard it is a lot more user friendly compared to Finale.

Any input to this situation would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
MichaelAHS ��� Is that the Pitch Mapping tool in Sibelius you're referring to? I'm not familiar with this. Maybe I can learn a new trick!
No, this is the re-pitch tool in finale.  It is found in the Simple Entry Palette.  It allows you to click on the first note in a stave and then play the notes on the MIDI keyboard to change the pitch without altering the rhtyhm.  It also works well if you are writing a unison phrase.  You can write your snare part with all the dynamics, stickings, etc. and then drag into the tenor staff and re-pitch to the around that you want.
Ah, thanks for clarifying. I'll try and remember this next time someone brings up the topic. That sounds like a great feature.
Sibelius has a similar feature called ";re-input pitches";.
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