VDL missing in Sibelius after upgrading to 7.5!!

Hey there, I just recently upgraded to Sibelius 7.5 from 7.1, and VDL has completely disappeared. Not sure what happened, but I guess I was expecting it to automatically transfer over. Not sure what to do. VDL is installed, along with the latest version of Kontakt, but nothing appears when I check the configuration settings.
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Hi kbkcdrums2,

First off, no need to shout.

As you said, VDL [i]is[/i] installed, so it hasn't completely disappeared either. This is a solvable problem and I'm guessing it simply has to do with the fact that you're probably using a VDL Sibelius template from [url=http://www.thewritescore.com]The Write Score[/url] and that you didn't copy your template's sound set (xml file) to the appropriate location for Sibelius 7.5.

Re-read the instructions that came with your template, then place the necessary files in their corresponding locations, restart Sibelius, and you should be good to go.

As you've probably already noticed, installing Sibelius 7.5 did not overwrite your old Sibelius 7.1 application. So in this case, things don't just automatically transfer over. There are separate supporting file locations for ";Sibelius 7"; as well as ";Sibelius 7.5.";
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