VDL Sounds being over-ridden by Sib 7 sounds


I just recently bought VDL 2.5 and Demystified as well as the templates.  After much trial and error, I finally have it working on my personal laptop (hooray!).  I am having some issues getting things working on my school computer. 

I am running Sib 7.5 on Macbook Pro with Mavericks on both machines (one is 2010, one is 2012)

When I open a score using a typical playback configuration (2 instances of Kontact, 1 instance of Sib 7 sounds for winds) the Sib 7 percussion sounds over-ride the VDL sounds.  When I deactivate the Sib7 Sounds in this playback configuration, the VDL sounds for percussion are working, however the wind sounds are now just a piano. 

Any tips?
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