Sibelius Score and VDL Template

Hello all,

A friend of mine ask me to write a drum part for him and his program. He wrote it in Sibelius 6. I have Sibelius 7. I wrote the the drum part using the VDL template. I then tried to copy the drum parts in his score to show and hear what the playback should sound like and it sounded crazy. I figured out the problem. The problem was that Sibelius score and the VDL template wasn't playing well together.

So I open the VDL template and tried to copy the parts into the VDL template and use the Sibelius 7 sounds. But for what ever reason that is not working. When I try to copy and paste the time signature isn't right, notes aren't correct, nor are they able to be copied in.

Am I missing something? Can I not copy EVEYTHING from one score to the VDL score just as it is? Can I not copy the time signature, key signature, rehearsal markings ect... from one score to the VDL template and then put the drum parts in using the VDL template.

I hope I was able to explain my question correctly. Can some please advise?
This isn't actually a VDL problem. It's a mater of how you're utilizing Sibelius's percussion mapping, and sound sets ��� both of which are thoroughly detailed in [url=]The Write Score[/url] templates designed to work in conjunction with VDL. You may want to try asking them.

That said, I don't really understand your question. The way you're using the term ";VDL Template"; makes it seem like you're confused on what a template actually is. A VDL template [b][i]IS[/i][/b] a Sibelius score. And there's really no such thing as a ";VDL Score."; VDL is just a library of sounds. Were you referring to your VDL template when you used that term?
Sorry Jim for the confusion. Hugh has answered the question. Thanks for your help though.
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