new to sibelius and problem with crashing

Hello all,

Sibelius crashes every single time I go into playback configuration and switch it to the VDL sounds set from the Anything that I can do to fix this?

To expirement, I took out the vdl sounds xml file from the ";sounds"; folder I created and Sibelius does not crash. What am I doing wrong here with the sounds file and the vdl sounds set in playback configuration?

Additional information: I also have Finale 2012 and use VDL with that on the same Macbook. When I open up playback config in Sibelius, it shows 4 different Kontakt 5 devices, is this bad? Three of them are VST and one is AU. Which one do I pick?

Update: I removed the vdl sound set xml file from the ";sounds"; folder I created and put it back in, now I can't even find it in the sound set portion of the playback configuration in Sibelius! Please help, thank you!
This sounds like an issue with your Sibelius setup or the xml sound set file(s) you're using. Technically, this doesn't really involve the VDL library.

For starters, I'd suggest you update to the latest version of Sibelius. I assume you're using Sibelius 7, but you didn't specify. Also, check with the folks from [url=]The Write Score[/url] about the xml file since they're the ones who develop that.

If you're moving xml files in and out of the 'sounds' folder, be sure Sibelius isn't running while you're doing it. For good measure, it may even be a good idea to restart your machine each time you make such changes. The folks at The Write Score may have some other tips for you.

If you're using a Mac, I would recommend you use the AU version of the plugin. The reason there are 3 VSTs has to do with different numbers of outputs in different versions of the plugin. If you stick to the AU version, you can just choose to ignore the VST versions altogether.
Thanks for the help Jim. I am running Sibelius 7.5. I was actually moving the XML file while having Sibelius open. I won't do that anymore and will try your tips. Thanks!

Since I am new to Sibelius (switching over from Finale) I did not know you had to add the articulations to get the correct sound. So I added the little circle and now the hi hat is playing back as an open hi hat!
Great to hear, Mike!

Also appreciate you taking the time to post here on what your solution was. Posting solutions can be very helpful to other members that might run into the same problem down the road. Thanks!
+1 Karma for you, my friend!
Yeah, I thought it would help other people by posting how the problem was solved! I just switched over to Sibelius last week and am learning as I write! Thanks for all the help!
Ah one more problem! When I use the drum set instrument, I'm finding it is different than just the hi hat instrument. I looked at the VDL map and followed it closely but now the drum set hi hat is playing back no sound at all when I'm trying to have it open! It's just an X right? No circle?
The drum set instruments may have different notehead assignments than the HH only instruments. Each instrument is designed a little differently and the drum set HH's won't have as many features or levels of open/close at the HH only instruments. Check the templates Keymap diagrams for the particular drumset you're using and it should tell you what line/space to write the HH on, as well as which noteheads to use. Keep in mind, RH and LH strikes will have different notehead numbers, even if they both look like an identical x.

it worked, thank you! :)
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