Speaker/Amp Setup

Hi - I saw a question like this answered here before, thought I'd see if any experts out there can help me with a similar question.

I have the following setup: 

Mixer - Behringer Xenyx 2222FX
1/4"; output to BBE382i SW crossover (channel A&B);

Crossover - BBE 382i SW
1/4"; output (channel A & B) to EP1500 amp for 15"; speakers;
1/4"; output ";subwoofer"; (Y-connector) to Pyle PTA1000 amp (channel A&B)

Amp 1 -  Behringer EP1500
Speak-on - 1/4"; output to Eurolive P1520 speakers (160/640W, 8 ohm) (1 each channel, L & R)

Amp 2 - Pyle PTA1000
Speak-on - 1/4"; output to Yamaha SW1181V speaker (500/1000W, 8 ohm) 
(channel B, switch to ";stereo";)

I have several questions:

1.  Is this setup correct, or is there a better way to do it? 

2.  Is it necessary to have a Y-connector from the crossover to the amp for the subwoofer, going in to both channel A & B, or would it be better just to have a single input to channel B?

3.  I would like to add two more speakers to this setup.  Would I be able to daisy chain two speakers together on each channel from the EP1500?  If so, what would you recommend in terms of wattage?  The extra two speakers can be smaller than the ones I currently am running.

4.  Any other info on how the switches should be set on the back of the EP1500?

Thank you very much!
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