Soundcard Problem right?

First the set-up....
Finale 2012, VDL2.5 in Kontakt 5 Full version.
Windows 8 (Current on all updates)
Intel Core i7 (3770 chip) 3.4 Ghz
The stock soundcard (Realtek)

I get the clipping (Lack of better word)/ cutting out of sounds during playback with instruments that have more sustain. (Ie, Guitar, Cymbals, Piano, etc.) I do work with large scores so I know I am loading a lot of instruments at one time. Any advice before I invest in a soundcard? thanks for all your help!

Joe Steeb
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If Finale allows you to adjust audio latency, try increasing that a bit. Also, try increasing the ";preload buffer size"; in the Kontakt preferences (under the 'memory' tab). Both of these settings may require some trial and error to see if you get different results.

If that doesn't work, a new audio interface that uses an ASIO driver would solve your problems.
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