Cheeses & Flam5s - Finale 2014


I just switched to Finale 2014 and I'm having trouble getting cheese and flam5s to sound correct in the playback.  The flam sounds fine, but there is no diddle.  All of the other diddles work fine, but not when attached to a flam.  It is like the flam is taking priority and the diddle doesn't play. 

Can anyone help solve this problem?

Thank you,
I have not upgraded to Finale 2014, still using 2012 (and before that 2010, etc back to 2008) but there are a couple of tricks I use to try to make my flams and cheeses come out clean:

1. shorten up the duration of the grace note to 32 or less.
2. write the diddles out in the score instead of using the slash.
3. turn Human Playback off as I have found it hopeless garbles complex flam-diddle passages.

Hope this helps.
jwckrshm - what a lot of people do in Finale to get their diddles to play back is use the TG Tools plugin. Do a search for it here on the forum and you'll likely turn up a lot of results.
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