VDL Sound Library/Finale

I am having issues with all of the patches in VDL 2.5 showing up in finale. When I want to assign certain instruments to staves such as wind chimes, a specific drum set etc, finale doesn't display all of them. All it has are VDL Lite instruments and a few rack combos. I've had this problem for a while now it has yet to be resolved. Please she some light in to this. I've re-installed both finale and VDL multiple times. Still no luck.
Which combos are you seeing? What OS and version of Finale are you using? Are you using a template from The Write Score? If yes, which version?
In the drop down menu under Perc. MIDI Map in the instrument list i see VDL Cymbal Line, VDL Rack Combos Vocals, VDL Tenorline and VDL World Percussion. That's it. And right now as I'm typing I am having issues with the VDL Snare Drum AutoRL. As I add notes to the staff I hear the same click on every line I pick, not the actual strokes that are suppose to be heard such as rolls, stick clicks, cross stick, etc. Im using Finale 2011 with Mac 10.9.2. I'm using the templates that came with the VDL software.
When you purchased VDL that packaged did not contain any templates for use with Finale. You may have purchased a template package from Tapspace. Those templates would have been out dated and do not function with Finale 2011. You will need to purchase templates from The Write Score as they are the suppliers of Finale and Sibelius templates for use with VDL.

Presuming you did purchase Finale 2011 templates from The Write Score, I suggest finding those files, rereading the READ ME document, and reinstalling the XML and Library files as directed.
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