Win8 Sib 6 VDL

I could use some help.  I updated Sibelius to 6.2, purchased The Write Score templates for VDL, installed Kontakt 5, copied the Soundset to my Sibelius Sounds Folder.  Also updated VDL to 2.5.5.

When I open Sibelius and try to edit the Playback controls, Kontakt 5 appears, but I am not able to locate the VDL Soundset under the Active Devices.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Brent,

This probably means the sound set (.xml file) you copied wasn't placed in the correct folder. Double/triple check that. I think this is outlined in the instructions that came with The Write Score template. I'm not sure if that location changes depending on your version of Sibelius or your operating system. The Write Score guys will know for sure, but it should be in the documentation.

Also be sure Sibelius isn't running while you're doing the placing of that file.
Brent - I just sent a reply to your support ticket. As it turns out, since you're using Sibelius 6, you'll need to use Kontakt 4 rather than 5. Once you've done that, your sound set should become accessible.

Since Kontakt 5 came out after Sibelius 6, Sibelius has no way of recognizing K5 as a kontakt-style device, which is required for it to recognize certain sound sets.
Thank you for the response and help.  I replaced Kontakt 5 with Kontakt 4.  The VDL_SounSet_7.0a.xml file is located @ C:\Users\myname\AppData\Roaming\Sibelius Software\Sibelius 6\Sounds, I'm using the Write Score template, but no sound is heard when playing back through Sibelius.  I see the meters on the Sib. mixer moving, but I get nothing through the speakers/headphone.  I'm so close...I feel it!

Any advice?
Hi Brent

Are you getting sound when VDL is in stand alone?

Attach a screen shot of your Playback Configuration.
My VDL only runs in Sibelius.  I can't seem to open it as a standalone?  Is this done in Kontakt 4?
Yes. Kontakt 4 can run as a plugin (like you're doing in Sibelius) or as a standalone program.

Now that you've placed that .xml file, in your Sibelius playback configuration are you seeing that sound set (not the stock Virtual Drumline 2.5 sound set, but the one customized for the template) next to Kontakt 4 when you've set K4 as an 'active device?'
Yes...I've done all of that.  There has to be something I'm missing.  I even tried starting from scratch on my other computer.  Same results.  Attached is a screen shot.

Same results.  No sound from Sibelius.
Finally got it working on my desktop, but I am experiencing some new problems on another computer.

The Sound Set is showing up, Kontakt 4 has been installed, levels move on the mixer in Sibelius when playing...but no sound.

When I open Kontakt, I see VDL A picture...error.
Hi Brent,

I would recommend you close Sibelius, then launch Kontakt 4 in standalone mode. When you do this, if you don't see the VDL library, click the ";Add Library"; button and navigate to your VDL library folder to add it to the Kontakt browser.

It looks like you were doing this within the Kontakt plugin, which is probably not as reliable method for adding a new library to Kontakt.
Same results when running as a standalone.  ";Error while writing files to disk.  Adding the library has failed.";

Got it!

Had to re-install Kontakt 4.

Great news, Brent. Thanks for letting us know!
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