Finale '14, Yosemite and VDL2.55. Do they play well together?

I'm using '12 on my Macbook retina from late last year.  Upgraded recently to Yosemite and shockingly Finale '12 crashes every time.  Read the 3+ pages on Finales support page about this, so it seems I'm left high and dry unless I upgrade to '14 with all of it's known problems.  (I really started disliking  CodaMusic after about 2005 but that's another story).

So I COULD switch to Sibelius which I'd of course have to learn from scratch and I'm not confident that Avid isn't going to kill the whole platform once the cash slows currently, which is another story...... SO....

In order to even BEGIN writing my 2 indoor programs right now, I'll need to do something mentioned above very soon.  So I'm asking, is anyone having issues with Yosemite, VDL2.55, Kontakt5, Finale 14 all working together?  I know I'll also have to pick up the new ";Write score"; template.  So I'm going to be set back about $200 for all this. Just to notate some music in the new millennium.

thanks for any suggestions.  I'm just so down right now about all this.  All I ever seem to do is to try to get everything working together.  Endless.
I understand the frustration. It's one reason I'm usually very cautious about updating my operating system as they churn out new ones all the time. If it ain't broke, don't break it.

If you're compelled to update your OS, it's never a bad idea to make a full backup of your prior system so you can go back to it if your daily tools break as they're prone to doing. In the day of digital everything, sometimes good old pencil and paper sounds pretty appealing, huh? There's always that option.

We wrote a little article about this in one of our newsletters last year:

As for VDL, that's really more an issue of Kontakt compatibility since VDL itself isn't really a program. We haven't heard of any issues there. Here's Native Instruments' official statement on OS X 10.10 Yosemite compatibility.
One option is to set up either a partition on your main drive or get a second external hard drive and install 10.9 along with Finale 12 and Kontakt.
Downloaded the demo of Finale '14 and since they give you a free 30 days to use it, I'm going to!  So far, no issues for me.  I'm happy that it works!  I haven't run into any real bugs either, so I guess I'm buying in a few weeks. 

feeling relief.
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