Where are chime rakes in standalone Kontakt Player

I wrote a show with a chime rake, and in the show it will be played via triggering from a standalone instance of KP5. In Sibelius 6 the ";Chime Rakes"; instrument is grouped with all other Chimes instruments, as well all Glock and Crotale instruments. In Kontak Player.. it's not. And I can't find it anywhere else.

So... where is the Chimes Rake instrument in KP?
There isn't actually a separate Chime Rakes instrument in VDL. The chime rakes are integrated into the various chime instruments themselves. I think the Write Score templates have their own chime rakes instrument, though it still prompts a full VDL Chime instrument to load. I'm not sure I remember the rationale for this, but it may have something to do with pitched vs. unpitched instruments which have different ways of handling mapping, noteheads and such.

The short answer is that if you're planning to trigger some chime rakes via K5 in standalone mode, just load up one of the chimes instruments, and trigger the appropriate key.
Jim is correct, ";rationale"; or otherwise. :)

I think all the Chimes patches have the rakes, and they're all the same sounds, so picking any one of them in KP should work for sampling.
Thanks, guys.
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