VDL and Yosemite

I'm running VDL 2.5 and Sib 7.5 using Kontakt player and things were working just peachy in Mavericks. Just updated recently to Yosemite and now my charts are crashing occasionally and things seem a little unstable. This software puts food on my table and golf balls on tees! Anyone else experiencing quirks with the new Mac platform?
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I haven't made the switch to Yosemite yet - mainly for the very reason you're describing here. Updating to a new operating system typically creates a variety of unwanted issues that take a while to sort themselves out as developers catch up.

Here's [url=http://www.native-instruments.com/en/support/knowledge-base/show/3163/mac-os-x-10.10-yosemite-compatibility-news/]Native Instruments' statement[/url] regarding Yosemite support.

Whenever updating to a new OS, I always recommend you make a full backup of your previous system so you can go back to it if the new system ends up breaking stuff. Or better yet, wait a while before upgrading.
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