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I have been using the write score templates for some time now, and I made a mistake that I can't seem to remedy. I accidentally deleted the battery maps inside Finale's score manager. Since then I have re-installed both Finale 2014 and VDL2.5.5. I have re-copied the FIN12_Battery.XML into the Midi Annotation Folder with the other maps and still when I try to use them it is blank in the menu. Any ideas?

Second question, the templates never seem to look as nice as setting up a new file does for making scores and parts. So far the past few years, I've always wrote all my music using a template, and then would copy / paste to much neater looking ";clean score."; Is there any way to have the same maps be used on the NON-template file? Obviously, you can re-create that, but it takes a lot of time EVERY single time.

Thanks so much!!

To help solve the first problem, the maps, it's sounds as though you deleted the layouts rather than the xml file. The percussion layouts are included in the template files and may be found inside the percussion library file, the one included in the package not the defaults from MakeMusic.

Simply reload the library into the template. This will reload ALL of the percussion layouts and text expressions as they are a single document. It's not possible to only load a single layout. It may be easier to use one of the other template files and change the instrumentation rather than reloading the percussion library.

With regards to the look of the templates as compared to a clean file. You have the option of loading the VDL percussion library into any Finale document. The simplest option though would be to adjust the templates to fit your needs. Page layouts for score and parts, instrumentation, etc. may all be customized to fit your style and look. Open one of the template files, do the customization, then save it back to the template folder as a clean template. If you prefer, and probably best to avoid future troubles, save the file with a new name such as Battery_Modified. Remember, if you are on a Windows computer, the template file must be saved with the template extension. On the Mac side it just needs to reside within the template folder Finale created when installing the program.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

When I open up a template, and go to ";Load Library"; I keep getting the same error message when I try to upload the one from the 2014 VDL255 Template. It keeps say ";Finale cannot open selected filetype. Please select a different file.";

I don't know how to remedy this problem. I've even tried it on a different computer. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong.


You're not doing anything wrong. There was an issue with the Library file that happened when the entire package was compressed. The Write Score is aware of the issue and is currently working on resolving the problem. Please notify them and they will handle the situation.

In the mean time, you should be able to use either of the other templates then customize them to fit your needs.
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