VDL and finale 2014

So, I own VDL and Konrad player. Both in cd form. I also have a new Mac mini. No CD player.
My question
... Do I need to find a way to get VDL AND KONTAK on new computer
Mac guy
MacMini 10.9.5
new to 2014
long time Finale guy
TapSpace VDL 2.5.2

IKQ Percussion
Kontakt Player is freely downloadable from Native Instruments. You don't need a CD for that one.


For VDL, probably your best option would be to order the VDL Replacement files from our webstore:

You can select either ";Physical DVD"; or ";downloadable."; Pick the latter. You'll also have to provide your original VDL 2.5 serial number.

There is a fee of $15. This method will do 2 things though. It will A) get you a downloadable version of the software; and B) you will get the latest and greatest version of the library.

If you'd rather not take this option, you can always purchase a DVD-ROM drive that you can use with your Mac Mini.

Hope this helps!
THANX! got the replacement download. Remind me again, do I NEED Kontak Player?
Yes, you must have Kontakt Player. It's the player into which you load your VDL library.
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