VDL and Aria

Hi guys!

I recently purchased VDL 2.5.5 and upon trying to get it working with finale 2012, I had to endure a two hour long nightmare and I wasn't even successful in the end. I'm just not a fan of the kontakt player. I'm already acquainted with the Aria engine quite well and I use it for garritian. Is there a way for me to use Aria to interface VDL with finale 2012? 

Thanks in advance, Tyler.
Bill is correct. VDL will only run in Kontakt Player. Aria is proprietary to the Garritan libraries and is owned by MakeMusic. It was important for us that VDL be cross-platform compatible as well as running in a variety of different host programs.
VDL was created to only work with Kontakt.  What problems are you having with Kontakt?  It's always been an easy to use program to me.
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