Diddles Playing Back Incorrectly

I am using Finale 2014 with VDL 2.5.5 and Kontakt 5 Player on a Windows 7 Cyberpower PC.  I am able to input all the music I want, but when I try to play it back I have a problem with the diddle sounds in the snare drum.  Diddles play back just fine on the tenors and basses but for some reason, the snare drums that have diddles on them sound like they're rolling on rims instead of on the drum.  Is this a common problem?
The problem may be with the articulation you've added or how you have playback set up. Since I know you're using a Write Score template, one of the new features added is the inclusion of Human Playback. However, since other instruments aren't demonstrating this problem I'd suggest making sure that you have not accidentally used a different sound when entering notes.
It is the same articulation (one slash) that is being used on the tenors and basses.  Do you have a playback configuration suggestion I could try?
What do you mean by ";sounds like they're rolling on rims";? Is it a different sound when compared to a standard snare hit?
It did sound like a different sound than the snare drum, but it for some reasons just stopped doing it....not sure why or how, but I'm not complaining.  Thanks for your help!
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