Audio Interfaces? (for Prime Ordinals and Beyond)

Hi Everyone,
I'm working on Jim Casella's [i]Prime Ordinals[/i] ([b]great[/b] music, Jim!), and I'm looking at audio interfaces to buy.  I'm running Windows 7, but over the next 5-6 months I'll be switching to a Mac at some point.

A lot of reviews of the M-Audio Fast Track Pro, and products like it (such as the M-Audio Fast Track Ultra, similar products by Avid) are not good, and speak of defective units right out of the box, crashing within 1 year, terrible customer service, and other woes.  There are some items that have extremely high user review ratings, and I'm not sure what to get.. Some of these items say ";Audio Interface"; in their name but they do not look like they have the same types of cable connections as the back of the M-Audio Fast Track Pro (i.e.: all 1/4"; female ports versus a mix of 1/4"; and 1/8"; female ports). 

I'm new to this wide, wide world of audio hardware and software, and I'd like to get something nice that will last me a while, and ideally have more than just the minimum number of ins/outs for this piece (I also play in a Pierrot-instrumentation chamber sextet, and a 10-piece afro-funk band).  I've listed some items I'm looking at on below:

I will add that FocusRite seems to get lots of positive press on the web.

If there's one that anyone thinks I should really take a look at, please let me know!

All the Best,

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