Looking for COMPLETE Marching Percussion Midi Map

I have seen the midi maps posted and none of them are actually complete. The instrument in question is the Marching Bass Drum Map for VDL2.5 in Finale. It is very time consuming to punch the keys on my board, find the sound, and then count the number of keys. It's taking forever and all I want to do is write. Finale does not load rim clicks or buzz rolls for each individual drum so you have to add them yourself. Snares and Tenors are fine... Bass Drums... Not so much.
I'm not sure what version of Finale you're using, but did you purchase a template from [url=http://www.thewritescore.com]The Write Score[/url]?
Hey Jim. I did not purchase the template. I am using Finale 2012 b? question mark? I have always made my own templates. I am just looking for a complete Bass Drum Map. All the channel maps that I've seen don't have buzzes and rim clicks for the individual drums. All the standard stuff is listed, but, those are not. Any thoughts?
I'm not sure I completely understand your question (or your question mark). Finale's percussion mapping system has gone through numerous changes depending on what version you're using.

What's a channel map, and which posted midi maps are you referring to? We're not really in the business of Finale templates or Finale feature support which is why I usually direct people towards [b]The Write Score[/b] or otherwise learning how to use Finale's built-in percussion mapping features by customizing their own.
Midi Note/Channel Data Map = this... https://www.finalemusic.com/UserManuals/Finale2012Mac/Content/Finale/PercussionMaps3.htm

It is missing the midi note numbers that VDL has designated for buzz rolls and rim clicks for the individual bass drums. I am having to count the notes from C natural all the way up VDL's ";Keyboard"; in the plug in to find the proper note.

Below I have attached a screen shot to help us along. On the left is the Midi Map Editor where I am adding the note type. (ie Bass Drum 2 Rims) It gives an option to input a Midi Note to tell Finale what sound file to play based on VDL's preloaded sound samples. On the right is the VDL/Kontakt Plugin window. I am having to click the notes on it's virtual keyboard to find the sound for Bass Drum 2 Rims and then count the notes to find the exact Midi Note Number to input into the Midi Map Editor. It's very time consuming. If I had a complete data sheet for all of those note values and what sound corresponds to what Midi Note Number it would be a big help. Am I making sense?
That link points to the ";VDLite"; instruments that ship with Finale. They aren't for the full version of Virtual Drumline. If you'd like to see the full range of sounds in the complete VDL instruments, check out the Keymaps in your VDL User Guide. (I'm pretty sure middle C corresponds with what Finale calls midi note 60).

Since you're using the full version of Virtual Drumline, I wouldn't recommend using the ";VDLite"; MIDI Maps in Finale's Percussion MIDI Map Editor.

And just in case this threw you for a loop: don't confuse ";VDLite"; with ";Bassline LITE."; The VDLite patches are very minimal and stripped down and ship for free with Finale - that's the only place you'll find ";VDLite"; patch names. Instruments in the full version of VDL that have ";LITE"; in the instrument name still have the full VDL mapping in tact, however they've been optimized for better memory consumption and use a few less velocity layers.
Gotcha. Thanks Jim. I'll adjust my workflow and see if I can get a suitable template built.
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