Help with Kontakt 5, Standalone

First the specs.

AMD FX 6300-Six Core Processor (3.5 GHz)
16 GB Installed RAM
64 Bit Operating System (Windows 8.1)

Soundcard (Omega Fenix)  - This is a whole other topic though.

With that info out there, I recently dumped my old PC to upgrade to what you see above.

I de-activated / De-authorized everything before reinstalling.

Installed Kontakt 5 (Full Application), I had previously copied the entire Virtual Drumline 2.5 folder on to a server, so I could easily transfer it back in for this new computer. Kontakt 5 has installed and seems to be functioning properly minus a few setup issues. I've added the Virtual Drumline Libray that I had transferred over, and activated it. (The library itself is running from it's own SSD Drive by the way). Everything seemed to transfer properly. However, when I open up Kontakt 5 as a Standalone, and load ANY VDL instrument, it plays back as a piano sound....I've never encountered this, thoughts? Please Help!

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What outputs do you have Kontakt set to route through? You may need to check this in the Kontakt ";Output"; area (looks like a mixer).

Also, do you have any other programs running while you get these results?

Lastly, do you get the same results when you click on the on-screen keys vs. your MIDI keyboard?
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