System Requirements for VDL 2.55

This is for Jim, Murray or whoever might know the answer -

Probably a silly question but I'm considering getting a new laptop and I have a question about hard drive specs.  In the past I have been careful to make sure my hard drive had 7200 rpm speed to be able to efficiently handle VDL.  Is it safe to assume that a solid state drive or a solid state hybrid drive will present no problems handling VDL?  Thanks in advance.

You are definitely safe in that assumption, Todd. If you're used to a 7200rpm hard drive, a solid state drive will knock your socks off! VDL patches (as well as other programs) will load noticeably faster. In my limited experience with the fusion/hybrids, they should give you a good performance boost as well.
That's what I thought too.  Thanks alot Jim.

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