Problems getting everything set up properly w/ Sib. 7, VDL 2.5, and Win 7

I am trying to set up VDL 2.5 to work with Sibelius 7 on a Windows 7 machine. I did this years ago on my old desktop. I've since moved several times, switched to a new computer, updated my OS, updated Sibelius, updated Kontakt player, and, to make matters worse, I have lost the original manual somewhere yet to be discovered in an unopened box. I've spent time searching the forums for details, but most of it seems outdated. I about ready to give up. Where can I go to find details for getting it all set up and working together for Sibelius 7.5, Kontakt player 5, and VDL 2.5 on a Windows 7 machine? Any and all homing beacons will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for supporting the village idiot!
If you're looking to integrate VDL into Sibelius, I have three words for you.

[url=]The Write Score[/url].

If you're a visual learner and want some more hand-holding beyond that, I have three more words for you:

[url=]Virtual Drumline Demystified[/url].

Also, if you haven't already, consider updating to [url=]the latest VDL library version[/url]. That'll come with a current VDL manual in PDF format, or you can view it [url=]here[/url]. Just keep in mind, the VDL manual is specific to the VDL library itself and isn't necessarily going to spell out integrating the library in various host environments.
Thanks Jim! You're a life saver!

I have another question for you, however. I'm pretty sure that I did the update to 2.5.5 when it came out. Is there anything I can do to find out if I indeed paid for that update? If I did purchase the update, what can I do to download it again?

Sadly, my hard drive died unexpectedly and I lost all the old files. I was an idiot and didn't have them backed up and now I'm having to reload everything. I didn't realize just how much stuff that meant. My CD collection is going to take me weeks! I will forever backup everything I own!!!
No problem! If you purchased the [url=]2.5.5 Library Update[/url], you should see it in your order history at [url=][/url].
[li]Log into your account by clicking the ";[url=]Login[/url]"; link[/li]
[li]Then go to your account by clicking the ";[url=]My Account[/url]"; link[/li]
[li]Then view your order history by viewing the ";[url=]My Orders[/url]"; link.[/li]
If you don't see it there, but are certain you purchased it in the past, [url=]send us a note about it[/url] with as much details as you can provide (name, email, approximate date of purchase, order ID if you may have it in an email somewhere, etc), and someone should be able to help get you back on track with the files.
So I didn't see it in my orders list. I swear I thought I did that update at one point. Was the 2.5.5 update ever provided for free if you purchased 2.5 within a certain time frame of the release of 2.5.5? Also, do I need to load updates 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 before I load 2.5.5? Thanks for answering my pesky questions. :)

The 2.5.5 update has always been an optional update that we charged a small amount for.

There's no need to do the 2.5.1 or 2.5.2 updates prior to the 2.5.5 update. The 2.5.5 update is self-contained and contains thorough instructions on how you can either [url=]UPDATE[/url] an existing installation of an older version of VDL, or do a [url=]FRESH INSTALL[/url].

Hope this helps!
You rock Jim! Thanks for all the clarification.
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