Quads no Shots!

Ok Here's my Pedigree:

MacBook Pro + Yosemite 10.10.2 + Sibelius 7.5 + Kontakt 5 + VDL2.5.2 + Sibelius 7a Template

My issue is that I have lost my Quad shots. :-(  I can go into Kontakt and the sounds are loaded in the place they should be loaded, however when I input the notes on my controller. . . Lets say the Shot on Drum 1 should be C3, however Sibelius is saying that it is E4 (See picture below) and the note head change is correct but the sound is not. I am hitting C3 on my controller and it's coming out E4 in Sibelius.

Thanks in advance!
Robbie, you should be using VDL [b]2.5.5[/b] with VDL Template 7.0a. The tenor shots is one of the things that is effected.

Other than that, your input controller may need to be reset.

Oh, and do the shots actually not get triggered in KP5 at all? VDL Template 7.0a triggers shots and rims on the lowest two octaves - thus the need for 2.5.5 which has them programmed down there.
Got it!Thanks Hugh! +1 Karma!
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