Playback pitch issues with Sibelius 7.5 and VDL

Recently I purchased VDL and The Write Score and created a template within Sibelius that will allow the percussion writers that I work with to use VDL, allowing us to share .sib files back and forth.  Since that time I have experienced severe pitch problems on playback of my scores.  I have scoured the forums at Sibelius and I don't find this to be a common problem with Sibelius users.  Could it have something to do with the addition of VDL and my template?  Its not a CPU issue nor is it a NotePerformer issue.  I will say the SOMEtimes doing a Shift-O will correct the pitch.....but sometimes not.  Frustrated!  Any help will be appreciated!!
[quote author=skinnerdavid link=topic=4839.msg24735#msg24735 date=1428971588]
... allowing us to share .sib files back and forth. ...

Please be sure you're operating within your pertinent [url=]license agreement[/url]. Each of those individuals would need to have their own license also. If they already do, then you're all good to go.

Good point and not something I had considered really.  How can I know if other collaborators have their own license?  By asking?  Thank you.
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