Issue Playing Back Midi of VDL in DAW

Hi Everyone,

I am wanting to make edits in Repear of my Sibelius midi files that utilize VDL 2.5.  I set the scores up in Siblieus 7.5 with the Write Score template. 

My issue is that upon saving the midi file and opening in Repear (DAW) the battery sounds are not playing back correctly...basically the rhythms play back correctly but the sounds do not...(rimshot, snare RH, stick click etc.)  It all sounds like its on the rim.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am new to using a DAW to render higher quality audio files.
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It's possible that the issue may be occurring at the point from which you're exporting MIDI from Sibelius. Assuming you're using the correct VDL SoundSet from your Write Score template, it's important when exporting MIDI from sibelius that that's the sound set it's using to export your pitches.

When exporting MIDI, you should see an option to select a specific sound set. If you don't select correct VDL template sound set, you're likely to get mixed results once you've imported your MIDI into a DAW.

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