Logic Pro X & VDL - Midi Mapping

Good Afternoon TapSpace!

I'm interested in writing parts in Logic Pro X rather than Finale so as to cut out the (Finale) middle man... I know I could simply write the parts in Finale and then import as Midi, but the parts I'm writing accompaniment for are already in Logic and the bouncing back and forth is tedious, to say the least.

So, I'm at the point where I can play the notes in Logic X with no problem, but the key strokes show up literally as they are entered with no ";traditional"; VDL mapping (obviously). Problem is, I can't seem to find a way to make the notes lie in the traditional mapping for players to read the parts. Furthermore, I'd like to be able to enter the note values with a number pad as I do in Finale...

So in short, is there a way to midi map VDL in Logic X and use a number pad to enter the note values?

Thanks so much for your consideration!
Atlanta, Ga.

Hi Steven,

I'm not entirely sure if this is possible. I've not spent much time around Logic's notation features, however I'm sure there are some Logic-centric resources on the internet where you may have better luck finding folks who know its ins and outs.

The number pad thing is likely not going to work in Logic. It's a completely different type of application and I don't think it uses its number pad the way Sibelius or Finale do.
Thanks for the info Jim!

I ended up abandoning the idea as it just became to labor intensive vs. the potential gains. I am interested in to know however, which platform does Tapspace use in order to create such great sounding VDL performances? Finale vs. Sibelius. And then do you export midi into another DAW for playback? I've found that when I use Logic or Ableton for playback the sounds seem somewhat richer, or at the very least louder.

I've seen your resource guides on tinkering with the way the sounds come out of the Kontakt player for dynamics, interp, etc...and I haven't had the need to get that deep yet...but if that's the answer...I may be convinced to get my hands dirty under the hood, so to speak.

Thanks in advance!
Most of my VDL mock-ups are done in Logic Pro. This does, of course, usually take place after having spent a bulk of creative work on the notation file for the actual composition process and dialing in the engraved output of the notation. The time spent in Logic is strictly for refining audio playback that would be too cumbersome to control in the notation environment.

As with any of this stuff, the software and samples are only one piece of the puzzle. Developing the skill to manipulate them the way you want is a process that builds over time. That's where I'd put your attention rather than trying to go under the hood with Kontakt.
Many Thanks Again, Jim.

Sage advice, I'm sure!
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