Updated Percussion Layout Not Showing Up In Existing Score

I am revising a percussion score that I wrote before i had VDL. The new percussion layouts are not showing up. I have changed all samples in Kontakt to reflect their appropriate instruments in Score manager. When I go to set the notation style in Score Manager... The updated maps are not in the list. What am I doing wrong?
This sounds like a topic that's specific to Finale or The Write Score templates (assuming you're using a template). You may want to try posting in the forums on [url=http://www.thewritescore.com]The Write Score website[/url]. When doing so, I would recommend you outline the exact steps you've followed to arrive at the result you're seeing.
If the new or updated file is not a template the percussion layouts will not be visible. They are part of the template files. You may either use a template file or load the Percussion Library file, which was included in the package purchased from The Write Score, to a new non-template file. If you choose to load the Library file there will be some text expression duplication. The duplicates would be those found in a standard default Finale file.
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