Quick playback issue

Hey All,

I'm an experienced Sibelius user, but have just recently finally purchased VDL. Got the templates, got everything up and running, but having a playback issue that is probably an easy fix:

When an instrument adds an additional timbre (usually SD and BD rims), after the sound change, ALL of the normal timbre notes are the changed sound.

So far this I've only been listening to the Sibelius playback, I haven't yet tried exporting to see if the problem persists. Regardless, this obviously won't do. Needless to say, listening to 16 bars of a SD part on the rim is....trying.

Windows Vista
Sibelius 6.2.0
VDL 2.5.5
Kontakt Player 4
Write Score 7.0a template (sib 6 of course)

Thanks in advance!


You've probably entered in the word ";rim"; (or something similar) and then Sibelius is allowing that to affect its playback (based on its playback dictionary settings). For a quick fix, select the word, then UNcheck the ";play on pass 1"; checkbox (in the inspector) and that'll likely solve your problem. You're essentially just telling Sibelius not to perform any playback data for that object (the word ";rim"; in this case).

apologies for the delay in replying, it was several days before I could get back to my project, and I wanted to make sure I had a chance to test your solution before responding...

That was exactly the problem, got everything working great now! Thanks!

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