2 questions

Saw a few threads similar to this, but my questions are slightly different.

Thanks in advance for any assistance:

Item 1-
I've used Finale for several years along with VDL (old templates and now, TWS template)

In previous versions, I did all instrument changes by using an empty bank in VDL, creating a text expression for what I would like, then assigning a patch change for playback that coincides with the VDL bank. 

This isn't working for me like it used to in Finale 2014.  I can still set up everything the same way, but the change isn't happening. 

Examples-xylophone switch to crotales.  Synth part changing patches like string sounds to a piano.

Item 2- possibly related to why I can't hear instrument changes
When I input notes for bells and xylophone via my midi keyboard, they appear in the octave that I am playing and appear on the screen where I would like them to be.  When I playback audio, they are played 2 octaves higher (which doesn't exist)

Not sure if Finale 2014 or template issue, but don't recall that happening in previous Finale verisons.  Any ideas?
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