Diddles playing back incorrectly

I am having an issue with the diddles playing back incorrectly in my system (specs below).  I got everything installed and working properly with finale months ago and haven't had the time to use it lately.  When I got back on after about a month of inactivity, for some reason whenever I put the ";single slash"; articulation for diddles, they change the sound to a rim sound instead of the drum.  I have changed nothing and it does this with every new template (the old ones I wrote a while back still playback fine and I can't find a single difference with the articulations or the files from the old ones to the new ones).  Thanks.


Windows 7 PC
VDL 2.5
Finale 2014
When you created your own template files, in what version of Finale where they created? My guess is that you will need to make some changes to how Finale interprets and playback that diddle articulation.
My apologies, I mis-typed what I meant about the templates.  I am using templates from thewritescore.com and when I created files (exercises, primarily) from the window's templates, they worked fine a while back.  Since then, as stated before, I took some time off from writing anything and for some reason when I came back, the diddles didn't sound right on any new template I was starting.

One thing I decided to do was to just make a copy of one of the existing files that sounded correct and started going off that, which is fine as long as something doesn't happen with them.  I would still like to figure out what is going on with it, but it's not the end of the world if I don't.  I did have another question about making a large file though.

This may be an issue with using Kontakt 5 and me not understanding the different banks/channels, but whenever I add a full list of instruments (full percussion section, brass and woodwinds) some part of the playback sounds are not correct; either the battery sounds or wrong or the rest of the score comes back sounding as a piano.  Makes it seem like maybe I have been overloading the channels and just don't know how to set them up correctly.  Any suggestions for this?  Thanks!
The playback in the Finale 2014 TWS templates have been set up to use Human Playback as the default. Changes to how HP functions have improved its quality. I would check there and how you are setting up the parameters for playback.

With regards to larger scores, my first inclination is to examine the Score Manager. Depending on which version of Finale you used prior to Finale 2014, this may be a new feature. It may also prove valuable to make certain you understand how to use banks and channels in Finale, Kontakt, and midi devices in general.
I couldn't find anything different with how HP is set up, but I will keep checking things.  As far as the large score aspect goes, I have checked through as many other threads as I could and didn't see anything so I will make a new post to keep the threads talking about the correct things.  Thanks!
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