Serial Number is Locked - Why i got this again?

Dear all,

I have been using VDL2.5 for long time. I know the policy is only 1 Serial Number could apply just 2 computers. 

Last week, I had got Blue Screen with my PC. And I can't do anything with my PC.

I was re-install new Window, and then all program was lost.

I have installed Music Program, such as Finale and after that, I have installed VDL 2.5 and NI Service for activate. When I Activated NI, I got massage ";The Serial Number is Locked"; and I sent Ticket to NI Service, but no signal back to me.

That was second time, same issue. First time, they said I have  to purchase new VDL. for clear locked of old S/N. ( Which is NOT my faults).

I begging them to clear all activate with my Serial Number for activate just only PC that I using.

I'm your customer, Is it good enough to service me like this?

The point is, I have installed only 1 computer, if this VDL can be used on 2 computers. Why they    Locked my Serial Number?

How could I do?


They refused to me, gave me only one way to unlock it. ";You have to Purchase new Serial Number.";       

My question is, Why?
Hi there,

Sorry for the inconvenience and frustration. I'm not sure why Native Instruments told you you'd have to purchase a new license because that's only necessary if you'll be activating the library on more than 2 machines or if your license has been abused. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding in communication.

Regardless, we can help you. Just fill out a [url=]support ticket[/url], and someone will be in touch with you shortly to help resolve your activation issue.
thanks for your supported ..

I will take a Ticket in ASAP.
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