recording voice samples for indoor percussion


I've been trying to research on how to record voice samples for indoor percussion. What I've learned so far is that I can record them in Logic Pro X. I was curious if someone could help me find some recording equipment that would be helpful for starting out? Thanks in advance!
Thank you so much Bryan!! This helps a lot :)
For someone just starting out, I'd recommend a decent, affordable USB mic. Blue Microphones makes some decent ones. Here are links to a few that might fit the bill for someone on a semi-limited budget:

[li][url=]Blue Microphones Snowball[/url] [/li]
[li][url=http://";";]Blue Microphones Yeti[/url][/li]
[li][url=]Blue Micrphones Snowflake[/url][/li]
[li][url=]Audio Technica AT2020 - USB[/url][/li]

I personally have the Audio Technica AT2020 USB, and have always been pretty happy with it. It's what I used to record the voiceover work in VDL Demystified and I use it for voiceover mockups, prior to hiring out professionally. The great thing about USB mics is that you don't need any other equipment to get started.

Hope this helps!
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